Fun History Facts (Intro & Ch. 1)

Writing historical fiction requires a great deal of research. This section is devoted to digging deeper into the historical details throughout the manuscript, chapter by chapter. (Chapter 1 below. For subsequent chapters, use the Navigation Bar dropdown menu)

The Curtain Rises – Chapter 1

Transportation of the day. Ambulances also served as morgue wagons.

Photo: Old Paper Studios / Alamy Stock Photo

Fashion etiquette at the time would have required wearing a corset much like this popular one from 1900-1910, featuring a rigid, straight insert in the front portion of the corset, which pushed the torso forward while forcing the hips to jut out in the back.

Photo: The Picture Art Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

Flashlights are a great help for examining crime scenes. Battery-operated, handheld flashlights were invented back in 1899 by David Misell. These hand torches didn’t stay lit for long before they needed ‘to rest.’ That’s why they’re called ‘FLASH’ lights. Whenever you used them, they produced intervals of flashes of light.

Photo: RedDaxLuma / Getty Image

The image of the woman on the cover of the 1903 Guide to Metropolitan Boston captures the business-like attire popular with professional women at the time.